Billet Oil Catch Can Kit For Mitsubishi Evo 8 9 4G63T VTA Crankcase 03-07 20-018 JSR-DRP

Billet Oil Catch Can Kit For Mitsubishi Evo 8 9 4G63T VTA Crankcase 03-07 20-018

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The Vent-To-Atmosphere Catch Can Kit is an open system used for high flowing, high horsepower applications. The closed system options listed above are adequate for most vehicles, however, some loosely built race engines operate with a large amount of boost pressure and the OEM hoses can become too restrictive from excessive blow by.

This VTA kit is intended to be used by itself as the only crankcase vent point. It replaces the stock PCV hose and OEM PCV valve with a -10AN press-in valve cover fitting and 5/8" ID hose and allows the gasses to vent through the catch can to the atmosphere. This kit installs on the LH strut tower.
Because this kit mounts the catch can behind the battery, there is a chance that there might not be enough room for the included breather filter if a large battery is used.

Billet oil catch can with integrated condenser and dipstick
Laser cut powder coated LH mounting bracket
Enough -10AN (5/8") black PCV hose for all applications
Radium 14-0136 -10AN Hose End, 2pc 90deg for push-lok hose
Radium 14-0213 -10AN Hose End, 90deg push-lok hose end
Radium 20-0050 barb fitting with air filter breather
Radium 14-0274 10AN male valve cover press-in fitting
Vacuum caps for 3/8" barbs
Stainless steel mounting hardware

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