1.8T DW65V FWD MK4 / MK5 High Flow Fuel Pump Deatchwerks

  • $245.00

Once you start adding more go-fast modifications such as an exhaust, intake, intercooler, or injectors, eventually you will surpass the flow capacity of your factory fuel pump which means that you must get a higher flowing fuel pump.

DeatschWerks, who designs and manufactures some of the greatest fuel system components offer you the DW65C Series Fuel Pump that will come provided with an install kit. 

Here are some key features:

  • E85 friendly 
  • 265 LPH
  • Direct drop-in
  • Compatible with your OE fuel pump controller
  • Includes Install Kit
  • Supports enough flow up to 500 HP

    ***Click Here for Installation Instructions***

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