1.8T Injector Tuck + IAT Partial Harness | VW GTI Jetta Golf | Audi TT

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Introducing our revolutionary Injector Wiring Harness Kit - the ultimate solution to misfires caused by faulty injector wiring! Designed to address the common issue of frayed harnesses disrupting the smooth operation of your engine components, especially in tuned builds, this kit offers a seamless and reliable upgrade.

The primary function of the Injector Wiring Harness Kit is to allow you to easily cut out the frayed sections of your wiring and replace them with a high-quality, tucked variant. We understand the frustration of dealing with engine performance issues, which is why our harness kit is meticulously crafted using top-of-the-line materials.

Key Features:

TXL High Temp Resistant Wiring: Engineered to endure the extreme temperatures and demands of modern engines, the TXL wiring in our harness kit ensures exceptional performance and longevity. Say goodbye to frequent replacements and welcome a more durable solution.

All-New Connectors: We've integrated brand new connectors that guarantee a secure and reliable connection, minimizing the risk of future wiring problems. Rest assured, your engine's performance will remain consistent.

Braided Shielding: To enhance overall durability and prevent any external interference, the harness kit comes equipped with braided shielding, providing added protection to the vital wiring.

Deutsch Expansion Connectors: Facilitating easy pin-outs, our harness kit features Deutsch expansion connectors. This streamlines the installation process and ensures a hassle-free upgrade.

Whether you're a performance enthusiast seeking optimal engine performance or simply wish to enhance the aesthetics of your engine bay, our Injector Wiring Harness Kit is the perfect mod for you. By investing in this kit, you not only improve the reliability of your vehicle but also give your engine bay a clean and polished appearance.

Upgrade your engine's wiring today and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your engine components are running at their best. Don't let faulty injector wiring hold you back – get the Injector Wiring Harness Kit now and take your engine performance to new heights!

Supported Models:
VW Jetta (1999-2005)
VW Golf/GTI (1999-2005)
Audi TT (1999-2005)

Connector Overview:
INJ1 - 4 - Injector Leads
IAT - Intake Temp Sensor

***NOTE: For longitudinal setups, the IAT sensor will need to use an extension which will be included in this kit, not to be confused with the Camshaft Position sensor. Camshaft position sensor wiring is not included.

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