Honda Civic -2017 2021-1.5L Turbo (Ex & SI) | 08150-HDTZ-D CLUTCHMASTERS

Honda Civic -2017 2021-1.5L Turbo (Ex & SI) | 08150-HDTZ-D

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When upgrading the 1.5L Turbo engine in the 10th Gen Honda Civics, the stock
clutch and flywheel leaves a lot to be desired. Quite quickly the stock clutch
becomes incapable of supporting power upgrades and more aggressive driving on
a race track. Clutch Masters offers a complete lineup of single and twin disc,
as well as single mass aluminum and steel flywheels to suit your cars current
and future needs. This dampened disc MUST be used with a single mass flywheel
and is not compatible with the OEM dual mass flywheel.

FX300 clutch kits have a 110% increase in holding capacity over factory
clutch. This means the FX300 will hold 110% more horsepower and torque over
your stock clutch.

The FX300 System uses the Power Plus I Heavy-Duty Pressure Plate and utilizes
a steel backed segmented Kevlar disc. This clutch is designed for the ultimate
street enthusiast running a normally aspirated car that has been highly tuned
with cylinder head work such as cams, or with a medium-boost turbo or
supercharger setup, or up to 100hp NO2. The FX300 has proven to be one of our
most successful single disc clutch options over the years. By combining the
use of Kevlar friction material in a segmented format, we create more pounds
per square inch, allowing more torque holding capacity while still delivering
exceptional life. Our Kevlar material is non-abrasive and doesn’t score the
mating surfaces. The FX300 features only slightly increased pedal pressure,
long life, and positive engagement. The FX300 is recommended for the street
and not for track use. There is a minimum of 500 mile break in period required
with this clutch.

Heavy-Duty Segmented Kevlar Disc
Steel Backed Segmented Kevlar Friction Material
Heavy-Duty Sprung Hub
Marcel Spring Wafer
OEM or better Release Bearing
Pilot Bearing
Alignment Tool
Instruction Card

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