Valve Spring Compressor Tool For Honda Acura K F Series K20 K24 F20C F22C 🇺🇸US

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Valve Spring Compressor Tool For Honda Acura K F Series K20 K24 F20C F22C 🇺🇸US

Valve Spring Compressor Tool Fit Honda K-Series Head K20, K24, F20C, F22C
Our tool is designed to make replacing valve stem seals, valve springs, retainers, and even valve guides more easily.
You can do the valve jobs without removing the head from the block.
The valve spring compressor will save you money on a new head gasket, and the time it takes to remove the head.
The tool is also quite easy to use, simply attach the tool to the head with the supplied bolt and washers.
Then simply mount the steel "cup" onto the retainer that you want to work on, as you "push" the cup down on the retainer, you can then release the keepers to
then remove the retainers and the rest.

Fit for K20 Motor, K24 Motor
Fit for Honda S2000 F20/F22c

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