Garrett GTW3684JB (aka GTW6262JB) Journal Bearing

  • $1,109.99

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GTW3684JB (aka GTW6262JB) journal bearing turbo. 750HP potential flow.

GTW Series - Garrett's Performance solution to the popular 6262 size turbo. Great performance at a competitive price!

* Compressor Wheel Inducer: 62.3mm
* Compressor Wheel Exducer: 84.4mm
* Compressor Wheel Trim: 54
* Turbine Wheel Inducer: 71.0mm
* Turbine Wheel Exducer: 61.9mm
* Turbine Wheel Trim: 76
* Compressor Housing is T04S Frame with 4" inlet, 2.5" outlet, and built-in & machined anti-surge.

* NOT a direct drop-in replacement to the small frame Garrett GT or GTX Series turbochargers.
* External dimensions of the GTW Series bearing housing (CHRA) is physically larger (bulkier) than the Garrett GT and GTX series.
* GTW Series Journal Bearing CHRA DOES NOT use same oil feed and oil return fittings as the small frame Garrett GT or GTX Series turbochargers.

* Oil feed flange: Product Code: ATP-FLA-041
* Oil feed gasket: Product Code: ATP-GSK-026
* Oil drain flange: Product Code: ATP-FLA-042
* Oil drain gasket: Product Code: ATP-GSK-027
* 8mm x 1.25 (thread pitch) Bolts: Product Code: MIA-FST-034

* T3 Inlet and 4 Bolt, 2.5 inch Outlet (Available in .63, or .82 A/R) Default / Standard Option
* T3 Inlet and V-Band, 2.5 inch Outlet (Available in .63 or .82 A/R)
* T3 Inlet and machined V-band 2.5 inch Outlet (Available in 1.08 A/R)
* T3 Inlet and welded 3.0 inch GT V-Band (90mm OD) Outlet (Available in .63, .82, or 1.08 A/R)
* T3 Divided inlet and 4 Bolt, 3.0 Inch Outlet (Available in 1.16 A/R)
* T3 Divided inlet and 3.0 Inch V-Band Outlet (Available in .78 A/R)
* T3 Divided inlet and 3.0 Inch V-Band Outlet Adapter (Available in 1.16 A/R)
* T3 Inlet and 5 Bolt Ford Style Outlet (Available in .63 or .82 A/R)
* T4 Inlet and V-Band, 3.0 inch Outlet (Available in .70 A/R)
* V-Band Inlet (T3 machined) and 2.5 inch V-Band Outlet (Available in .63 or .82 A/R). NOTE: V-Band Inlet Clamp & Manifold Flange (Product Code: CLC-CLA-040)

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