Electronic Fuel Cut Defender Defencer FCD

  • $69.95

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Most late model cars have in-built defence mechanisms to guard against increases in boost pressure. Such systems are important but can be an obstacle when increasing boost pressure.
The FCD2 will allow boost pressure to be increases above the factory level and prevent momentary shutdown of the fuel injection system.
• Once the fuel cut defender has been installed, the factory over-boost fuel cut will no longer operate at the factory level. The boost can now be raised to dangerous levels which can damage your engine if it is not capable of handling higher boost pressures. Be extremely cautious when increasing the boost pressure above the factory level. Seek the advice of your local tuner or performance specialist for further information.
• The FCD2 is not waterproof and should not be mounted in the engine compartment.
• The adjustment dials do not turn 360° , they start at 1 and finish at 10. Do not force them past these points as this will damage your FCD2
• Before setup the unit should be set to the following settings, Clamp=10, Release=10.

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