Clutch Masters FX100 Clutch w|Steel Flywheel BMW Z3 ALL 98-02

Clutch Masters FX100 Clutch w|Steel Flywheel BMW Z3 ALL 98-02

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The Clutch Masters Fx100 System uses the Power Plus I Pressure Plate with a custom heavy-duty Steel Back Organic friction disc. This clutch is engineered for heavy-duty street use and is specifically designed for extended wear and additional clamping force for the enthusiast who has added an exhaust system an intake system up to 50hp NO2 upgrade or other non-forced induction external bolt-ons.

Featuring only slightly increased pedal pressure longer life than stock and normal clutch feel during engagement and disengagement for a very smooth operation.

The included lightweight chromoly steel flywheels reduced mass equals increased acceleration and reduced turbo lag in turbo-charged engines as well as increased supercharger efficiency due to less drag on the crank. Normally aspirated engines will benefit from improved mid-range torque. Chromoly flywheels are a one-piece unit designed to handle extreme abuse.

The Clutch Masters Fx100 System:

  • High performance street system
  • Holding capacity 70% over stock
  • Heavy-Duty reinforced pressure plate
  • Hi-Leverage pressure ring design
  • Sprung hub/cushioned disc
  • Steel backed organic friction material
All Clutch Masters Systems Include:
  • Pressure Plate
  • Clutch Disc
  • Throw-out Bearing (when applicable)
  • Pilot Bearing or Bushing (when applicable)
  • Alignment Tool

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