Upgrade Your Fuel Delivery System with the Universal Dual Fuel Pump 1L Surge Tank

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Welcome to the next level of fuel management. Introducing the Universal Dual Fuel Pump 1L Surge Tank, a high-performance solution meticulously crafted with precision using aircraft-grade aluminum. Designed to optimize fuel delivery and reliability in high-demand applications, this surge tank ensures a consistent and efficient fuel supply for your vehicle. Whether you're hitting the streets or dominating the track, this surge tank is built to withstand extreme conditions, making it the go-to choice for enthusiasts seeking unrivaled performance and reliability.

Exceptional Strength and Lightweight Design:
Engineered to handle the toughest challenges, the Universal Dual Fuel Pump 1L Surge Tank is constructed from premium aircraft-grade aluminum. Renowned for its exceptional strength and lightweight properties, this surge tank offers unbeatable durability without adding unnecessary weight to your vehicle. Get ready to experience a surge tank that can withstand the rigors of your performance demands.

Seamless Electrical Connection:
Say goodbye to power interruptions. Equipped with a MILSPEC wiring connector, this surge tank ensures a secure and seamless electrical connection. With advanced wiring technology, it guarantees optimal power transfer, providing precise control over fuel pump operation. Bid farewell to voltage fluctuations and enjoy consistent fuel flow, even in the most demanding driving conditions.

Leak-Proof Design for Peace of Mind:
Your safety matters. The Universal Dual Fuel Pump 1L Surge Tank boasts a meticulously engineered leak-proof design. Every component is carefully sealed to prevent fuel leakage, ensuring a safe operating environment. Enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your fuel delivery system is secure and reliable, no matter the performance demands you throw at it.

Compatibility with Leading Fuel Pump Brands:
We understand the importance of choice. The Universal Dual Fuel Pump 1L Surge Tank is compatible with renowned fuel pump brands such as Walbro GSS342 255LPH or 340LPH. Additionally, other leading fuel pump brands like AEM can seamlessly integrate into the system, offering you the flexibility to select the perfect fuel pump for your specific needs. Customize your fuel delivery system to achieve the optimal performance you desire.

Versatile Design for Easy Installation:
Simplicity meets performance. The Universal Dual Fuel Pump 1L Surge Tank is designed with versatility in mind. While fuel pumps are not included, this surge tank is compatible with a wide range of popular fuel pump options. It allows you to choose and install the fuel pump that best suits your performance requirements effortlessly. Upgrade your fuel delivery system without unnecessary complexity.

Product Features:
Premium black anodized T6 aluminum construction for strength and durability.
E-85 compatible, catering to diverse fuel needs.
Supports two 255LPH or 340LPH pumps (pumps not included) for increased fuel delivery capacity.
5 x -6AN JIC male ports for flexible fuel line connections.
Leak-proof electrical connector for a secure power connection.
Includes a high-power Plug & Play PTFE harness for hassle-free installation.
Robust design that resists leaks, ensuring safety during operation.
Ensures reliable and efficient fuel delivery, empowering your vehicle's performance.



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